What's up, #teens? Are you feeling #radical today? Ready to head over to your favorite social medias and instagram the hottest status updates? Well, DC certainly hopes you are, because it's hyping up its upcoming "DC You" initiative with a series of videos that are asking you the most important question of our age: are you ready to hashtag this?!

I mean, yes, there are other questions as well - a whole series of them, in fact --- but that's the one that sticks out from a new set of videos based on the marketing campaign for DC's slate of titles start hitting shelves this week, now that we've all made it through the end of Convergence. There's definitely a focus on returning titles, but DC is also putting the spotlight on new books launching this month --- which, I imagine, is why DC seems so concerned about whether we're all "ready for the new awesome."

Check out the videos below:









While the marketing might not do a whole lot for you if you're not "with it" enough to #hashtag your #faves, the titles being highlighted here are definitely worth getting excited about, and it's nice to see them getting some time in the spotlight. I'm already pretty stoked for Mark Russell and Ben Caldwell's new Prez, where a 19-year-old girl is swept into the White House via Twitter popularity, and seeing Brenden Fletcher and Annie Wu launch Black Canary out of the success of the rebooted Batgirl is a pretty good sign too.

To be honest, though, I am a little disappointed that they're not promoting the next Justice League arc with a peppy video asking if you're ready to #DieForDarkseid, but I'm willing to believe that's just me.


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