If you saw The LEGO Movie a few months back, you may have noticed that it posits a pretty interesting world, where all of LEGO's licensed characters -- well, all the characters not currently owned by Warner Bros.' corporate rivals, anyway -- coexist as blocky little mini-figures. This is pretty cool, since it's not often that you get to see Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Michaelangelo, Dumbledore and Gandalf all hanging out. But it does present an interesting story problem. How exactly do you present a problem that all of those characters can't solve? Which, of course, is exactly whatThe LEGO Movie does.

The folks behind How It Should Have Ended have taken a slight bit of exception to this, and in order to address it, they've kicked out a pretty awesome two-minute stop motion animated video featuring the World's Finest. Check it out!

Sadly, I haven't seen the actual movie yet -- these exhaustive columns about the emotional significance of the utility belt aren't going to write themselves, you know -- but I understand that it does attempt to provide a good explanation for why the heroes' LEGO counterparts are a little lackluster in the actual heroism department. Still, I'm always up for seeing Batman and Superman broin' down over a cup of coffee, so thanks, HISHE!

Mainly, though, I'm just in it for the song.


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