To this day, The LEGO Movie remains one of exactly two movies about Batman released in my lifetime that I missed out on seeing in the theater. The other, incidentally, is Mask of the Phantasm, and I'm as surprised as you are that I somehow missed out on that one, but considering that I didn't have a car or my own source of income when I was 11, I can at least use that as an excuse. Sadly, missing out on The LEGO Movie is entirely on me, and remains one of my greatest regrets.

But here's the good news: It seems that I'm getting another shot at seeing the blocky, thumbless incarnation of the World's Greatest Detective on the big screen, because Warner Bros. has announced a LEGO Batman movie coming to theaters in 2017.

As revealed by the Hollywood Reporter, the film will see the return of actor Will Arnett in the role of Batman, as well as LEGO Movie animation supervisor Chris McKay as director. As for the actual plot, no details have been released, but personally, I hope that they set out to tell the story behind the actual LEGO Batman toy sets, if only so we can a big-screen answer to how Mr. Freeze managed to trap Aquaman in an iceberg while fighting him in the actual ocean.


LEGO Batman playset


You had one job, Aquaman. You had one job.

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