In a move similar to its recent one-word teases, today Marvel Comics released two images for upcoming stories in Superior Spider-Man and Indestructible Hulk, with one word attached to each. For the Hulk, it was Smash, and for Spider-Man, Fired.

The Hulk image not only teases a story involving the jade giant potentially interacting -- or coming to blows -- with Thor, but also reveals that Walt Simonson will be providing art in some capacity. For all of his success in the industry, Simonson is still perhaps best known for his seminal run on The Mighty Thor.

As for Superior Spider-Man, the creative team remains the same, but the image seems to imply that Doc Ock/Spidey will be relieved of his Avengers duties, possibly for saying or doing some very non Peter Parker/Spidey things.

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