Last year at San Diego, Dark Horse announced that Fight Club would be joining Dredd and Serenity in that rare pantheon of non-comics stories with official sequels in comics form. Written by Fight Club's creator, novelist Chuck Palahniuk, and drawn by Cameron Stewart, the comic takes place ten years after the events of the original Fight Club, when the unnamed narrator of the film is married to Marla Singer and suffering through the exact sort of tedious existence that he and his alter-ego railed against.

Now, thanks to our smoking-jacketed friends at Playboy, we can finally see exactly what the comic is going to be like in a six-page preview, where it is revealed that Palahniuk and Stewart are actually the same person. Uh... spoiler warning, I guess?

For those of you who aren't familiar with the plot of Fight Club, it's basically the story of an amateur soap-making enthusiast who finds a release from the stress of his everyday life through recreational sports, a relationship with a quirky young lady, and a new best friend. With their help, and the help of a like-minded group of sportsmen, he's able to eventually realize that the real friendship was inside him all along. For more information, please consult any dorm room wall at any college anytime in the past fifteen years.

Sadly, it looks like the relatively happy ending of the original story, in which the lead character shoots himself in the head, didn't have the lasting impact the protagonist hoped for. Now, he's called Sebastian, presumably named after either the singing crab from The Little Mermaid or the well-known patron saint of soldiers who was shot up with arrows and then clubbed to death. That one could really go either way.



Watch our exclusive video interview with Palahniuk from San Diego Comic-Con: