Super Secret Crisis War: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, IDW


If you spent a lot of time watching Cartoon Network when you were a kid (or when you were, you know, in your twenties, no judgment here), then one thing you probably wanted to see more than anything else was a gigantic crossover between all of their original programming. Who didn't want to see Professor Utonium and Dexter swap scientific notes, or find out what would happen if the Powerpuff Girls took on Aku from Samurai Jack?

Well, in case you weren't already aware, that's actually happening right now, in the form of IDW's Super Secret Crisis War, and next week, it hits Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, courtesy of writer Ivan Cohen and artist Paulina Ganucheau, in a story about Pixel, shape-shifting robot that can duplicate any of the imaginary residents.

In case you missed it during its original run, the show, created by Craig McCracken (of Powerpuff Girls) fame, focuses on an orphanage for imaginary friends whose children have outgrown them. The ostensible main characters of the show are Mac and Bloo, a goodhearted kid and his troublemaking, egomaniacal, cylindrical imaginary friend, but there's a whole host of interesting characters involved.

Now, as it becomes the latest series to join in with Super Secret Crisis War's Cartoon Network Multiverse, when one of Aku's minions arrives and attempts to harness the power of imagination... for eeeeeevil.








Super Secret Crisis War: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends will be out on September 17 online and at finer comic book stores everywhere.