Everyone grew up yearning to have some great adventure happen to them --- usually inspired by some great, or not so great, piece of fiction. This May, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, Kurt Lustgarten, and Naomi Franquiz head to the small town of Cannon Cove for Misfit City, where a group of teen girls stumble upon an ancient map and a buried secret history of their town that will change things forever.

Misfit City is inspired by classic '80s adventure films such as The Goonies, and takes place in a town where one such movie was filmed thirty years earlier. While Misfit City is the first comics project for the creative team, readers may know Kiwi Smith from her screenwriting career, which includes the films 10 Things I Hate About YouShe's The Man, and stone-cold classic Legally Blonde.

In a statement provided by Boom, Naomi Franquiz elaborated on the heart of the series and what she most enjoys about drawing it.

Other than the guaranteed shenanigans I'm excited to draw in Misfit City, I mostly look forward to drawing a diverse and body-positive cast of characters that I hope young readers can really see themselves in. Plus, all faces of the cutest dog ever, Pippin! Out of our main characters, I relate to Wilder most. I'm from a small-town city with a population that fluctuates every football season, so the urge to escape and do more is strong. I love her ambition and drive, and I think the internal conflict she's setting herself up for is something I see reflected in many people (including myself).

Check out the variant covers below:


unnamed (2)
Ester Zejn / Boom Studios
unnamed (1)
Paulina Ganucheau / Boom Studios


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