The central concept behind "Twilight" -- and its sequel, "New Moon," which is currently destroying box office records -- is that a pretty young thing falls in love with a monster best known for preying on humankind, but she nonetheless has absolute faith that their love will overcome his desire to kill her all the time.

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While it's all very romantic and sparkly and full of junior high school wish fulfillment when Stephenie Meyer writes it, it's worth noting that creating epic romances about bad boys with violent streaks and their barely suppressed desires to kill the women they love has some problematic undertones.

What would "Twilight" look like through the lens of the DC Universe, for example, if we substituted another naive young woman consumed by her love for a monster -- say, Harley Quinn? -- and another murderous, pale-faced monster in place of Edward Cullen? Like maybe the Joker?

A: Fewer sparkles, and more maniacal clowns with machine guns. Check out the video after the jump.

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