I'm a sucker for concept art. It's hard for me to look at concept designs for Alejandro Jodorowsky's never-made Dune adaptation or the test animations for the discontinued 1936 John Carter cartoon and sigh at the movies that will never be made. I just hope that someone at Pixar is looking the lush concept art Edwin Rhemrev created for an imaginary sequel to their superhero family flick The Incredibles, because even though these images aren't real, Rhemrev has the beginnings of a gorgeous movie on his hands.Rhemrev, a visual development artist, says he was rewatching The Incredibles one night when he began to wonder what a sequel might look like. He decided to put his visual development skills to use and create a handful of images for his fictive sequel, just as he might if he were actually working for Pixar. After drawing roughly 50 thumbnails, he worked out these seven images.

Rhemrev says that he doesn't see himself as a story writer, so he invites other people to invent stories around his images. But the pieces he's come up with touch on many of the retro aesthetics and themes of the original film. Here, Mr. Incredible mourning over his disembodied statue head feels a lot like his yearning for the golden days of superherodom in the first film. Is this moment symbolic of how superheroes have failed the public in Rhemrev's imaginary film? Or could this perhaps be the face of Mr. Incredible's heroic father, who bears a striking resemblance to our ultrastrong patriarch?

The Incredibles get their own tower, à la the Fantastic Four. I'm not sure the low-profile family would actually go for such public digs, but who could say no to that rooftop swimming pool? This does make me realize that more Pixar films need to feature blimps and airships.

Incredibles Tower looking over the fair city. Swoon.

Even though this is less clearly inspired by The Incredibles than the other pieces, it may be my favorite in the bunch. This robot creature with the Go Away face strikes me as perfectly Pixar. I can just imagine it flipping the shutters on its face to create a variety of words and phrases.

Here we get a fabulous bit of action. Has the Incredibles' own "i" insignia turned against them? And check out that "World's Safest City" banner in the background. Folks, no city populated by superheroes has the distinction of being the world's safest.

Ooh, Elastigirl's costume is tearing. According to Edna Mode, isn't that only supposed to happen when Elastigirl is stretched to her limits?

I must say, even without a story, I'm in the tank for Rhemrev's imaginary Pixar movie. Perhaps we can get that fire-shooting "i" robot in a real Incredibles sequel.

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