Like many Americans, I often find myself frustrated with our political system. For me, though, it's not really the two-party structure or campaign finance reform, it's that none of our major candidates ever dress up like Spider-Man and climb up buildings to ask for votes directly through a third-floor window. It is, I will admit, a pretty specific problem, but really, aren't all political beliefs?

What's interesting is that this is not a problem at all in India, as evidenced by Gaurav Sharma, an independent candidate running for the South Mumbai Constituency, who did exactly that, scaling a local apartment building in a bid to get voters on his side.

Sharma is also known by what I'm guessing is the self-applied nickname of the "Indian Spider-Man," not to be confused with Spider-Man India, a short-lived Marvel series from 2005 in which Pavitr Prabhakar was given the powers of a spider and fought crime in Mumbai. He does, however, hope that voters will think of him as a superhero and "vote for Spider-Man" when election day rolls around in two weeks.


Spider-Man India
Marvel Comics


On the one hand, showing up outside someone's window in a full face mask is both dangerous for Sharma himself and extremely alarming for the residents, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't also incredibly charming to hear him say "Vote for Spider-Man in the upcoming election. I love you. Thank yo so much." I mean, it'd get my vote.



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