Superhero comics have always featured a lot of explosions and people in brightly colored spandex punching each other, but despite some of the more fantastic aspects of the genre, numerous writers and artists have used comics to address serious and timely social issues.

Our Influential issues series takes a look back at some of those groundbreaking moments, as we talk to the creators who pushed the envelope and brought often controversial topics into the conversation of comics.

In 1991, at a time when the AIDS virus was still stigmatized and poorly understood by much of the general public, "Incredible Hulk" writer Peter David did just that, scripting a story about Jim Wilson, a long-time friend of Bruce Banner, who revealed that he had recently tested positive for HIV.

At Comic-Con this year, we had a chance to talk to David about his landmark story, the response from fans, and the controversy over the Hulk's refusal to give Wilson a blood transfusion that could save his life.

Check out the video, after the jump.

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