While it's still unclear just why DC's heroes are battling each other in addition to villains, NetherRealm Studios is making it known that Catwoman will play a big part in Injustice: Gods Among Us with a new gameplay trailer demonstrating her feline fighting style. Selina Kyle can be seen whipping, clawing, kicking and even shooting a bazooka at a lineup that includes Superman, Batman, Nightwing, Cyborg and Harley Quinn. From the looks of things, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Solomon Grundy are getting off easy not appearing in this footage. While not everyone has taken a shine to the unique costume designs in Injustice: Gods Among Us, Catwoman's more or less Darwyn Cooke-flavored suit should resonate with comic fans. It's definitely got some added chunkiness to accommodate extra weaponry/armor/storage, but it's nice to see form following function. Check out Catwoman's combat skills after the cut.

[Via Joystiq]