Injustice: Gods Among Us just got a lot more demonic with the addition of Raven as a playable character. The Teen Titan (or in this game's context, an older, just plain Titan?) can be seen kicking the snot out of Catwoman in the latest trailer for NetherRealm's upcoming DC fighting game. A few eagle raven-eyed fans spotted the Marv Wolfman and George Pérez creation in earlier promo vids, but there was some speculation over whether she'd be a fully playable fighter or merely an opponent in the title's various minigames or part of another character's quick time events. Like her gritty I:GAU peers, this version of Raven skews darker than other incarnations (especially the upcoming Teen Titans Go! DC Nation animated series). From an extra menacing voice to crazy combos that play up her Trigon parentage, Raven seems to be the most supernatural character in an otherwise biological/technological-based fighting game. You can scope out footage of how Raven will play when Injustice: Gods Among Usarrives on April 16 on most contemporary gaming consoles, after the jump.

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