The weekly Injustice: Gods Among Us Battle Arena Weekly Match-Up videos usually serve as straightforward community-engagement pieces, but this time around there was a fairly substantial reveal: Sinestro and Hawkgirl will be playable characters in the upcoming NetherRealm fighting game. Considering the game's plot seems to revolve around a very Earthly kind of civil war between different factions of heroes and villains following a Joker-related nuclear catastrophe that may or may not have wiped out Lois Lane and others, it's a little interesting to see Green Lantern Hal Jordan's fear-using opposite in the mix. Hawkgirl's a bit of a surprise too, considering her lack of prominence in the New 52 compared to say, her starring role in the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited cartoons circa 2004-2006. Both characters seem like super logical picks in terms of combat skills and interesting weaponry, though. Who wouldn't want to slam a mace into the Flash's hyperactive face if they had a good reason? You can check out images and some second screen fighting footage after the cut.

[Via IGAU]

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