We've seen our share of Iron Man parodies, music videos and mashups, but there's no amount of summer movie saturation that could blot out the pure sunshine that is "Iron Baby."

"Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau brought the wonderment to our attention via Twitter, pointing out its mass appeal to anyone who likes Iron Man OR babies, which according to science is everyone with a heart (powered by an arc reactor or otherwise).

The video is impressive not only for its high production values, intense CGI animation and hilarious Iron Baby vs. stuffed bunny terrorist action, but also its cuteness as brought to life by blooming actress Marguerite Bulte Boivin. That's right, Iron Baby is an Iron Lady. You've got some competition, Rescue.

Sure, Boivin landed the role thanks to her director father Patrick Boivin, but unlike Sofia Coppola in "The Godfather Part III," the little actress lights up everyone's life.

Check out the "Iron Baby" radness after the jump.

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