Halloween has come early this year for Hadies, the Dwarf Caiman crocodile thanks to the armorsmithing skills of one Colorado couple. YouTube user MorRokko and her boyfriend have decked out the pointy-toothed pet in a costume that gives "Iron Baby" a run for its money in terms of cuteness and even got the attention of "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau.

The "Iron Crocodile" video first hit YouTube on September 29 and has been viewed over sixteen-thousand times thus far. Now, cute animals doing nerdy things usually lead to viral success, but "Iron Crocodile" received a Twitter boost courtesy of @Jon_Favreau, who alerted his more than 800,000 followers to the Iron Croc

Although Favreau's relationship with Marvel is reportedly on the skids, due to what he perceived as heavy interference in the making of the second Iron Man film, it's nice to see the director pass these Iron Man-related items along.

Favreau is still slated to direct "Iron Man 3" once Paramount and Disney resolve the distribution issues that came about after Disney purchased Marvel last year.

Check out "Iron Crocodile" below:

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