Assuming the film is as fantastic as we're all hoping it will be, "Iron Man 2" should feature plenty of memorable scenes - heck, we've already seen more than a few noteworthy moments in the movie's many trailers and television spots. One of my personal favorite scenes features a fully armored Tony Stark jumping out of a moving airplane in pursuit of his helmet, which is plummeting through the air courtesy of Pepper Potts. Apparently, I'm not the only one who found some amusement out of that moment.

The folks at College Humor have poked some fun at the "go get 'em boss" and "you complete me" aerial exchange between Tony and Pepper in a new animated short. From the sentient Mask-O to a barrage of "Jerry Maguire" quotes, there are very few scene alterations that these guys didn't come up with. Pretty funny stuff!

You can check out the full parody vid after the jump.

[Source: College Humor]