It's not enough that Tony Stark has six different versions of his standard Iron Man armor located in the basement workshop of his mansion. It's not enough that, at least in the comic books, he has redesigned suits specifically created to bust the gamma out of the incredible Hulk and the thunder out of the mighty Thor. No, it's not enough until Stark has an armor designed to demolish Horatio Thelonious Ignatius Crustaceous Sebastian - better known as Sebastian the crab, adviser to King Triton and friend to Ariel the mermaid.

It's not that I would put it past Stark to develop a Crab-Buster Iron Man armor - there are certainly weirder things he could invent while indulging his demons in a bottle - but I'm just not sure what he would use such a suit for, beyond threatening Sebastian if he won't stop singing "Under the Sea."

Either way, Crab-Buster Iron Man (a modified fiberglass lobster in truth) is a glorious and over-the-top example of how far the "Iron Man 2" marketing has gone. But given the film's $133.6 million opening this weekend, clearly there's a marketplace where superhero and super-lobster can coexist. That place? Cromer, England.[Source: Walyou]

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