Following the brain-freezing precedent set by "Iron Man's" 2008 Slurpee outing, ol' shellhead is back for proverbial seconds this summer with "Iron Man 2" collectible Slurpee cups at 7-Eleven.

Unlike the franchise's first foray into Slurpee containment, which included colorful mugs and figure-adorned straws, IM2 seems to have gone a more deluxe route with cups shaped like both Iron Man (in his latest armor upgrade, no less) and War Machine.

SuperheroHype's got the first photos of the cups as seen in a 7-Eleven convenience store. They look nice and shiny beneath a layer of shrink wrap, which could serve as makeshift foreshadowing for when the armored duo encounter the Trapster in some poor soul's Paste Pot Pete fanfic redux.

It's very possible these cups could be joined by IM2 straws, other cup varieties and even crazy Slurpee flavors (I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a "Repulsor Berry Blast!"), but until either 7-Eleven or Marvel make an official announcement, we're left to ponder what kind of beverage Tony Stark would pour into one of these cups.
[Via SuperheroHype]