If it pays to be prepared, then it's no wonder Tony Stark's a billionaire. This week, Marvel's unveiled new images of some of the dozens of different armors to be featured in the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie. As seen in the latest IM3 theatrical trailer, from the heavy-lifting specialized "Igor" to the cinematic take on the Silver Centurion suit, the film's going to literally pack tons of Iron Man variations.

Iron Man's had plenty of different armors since his creation in 1963, but it looks like Iron Man 3 will be upping the stakes with new takes on comic classics, plus original concepts developed just for the film. Considering how protective Marvel was over the Mark 39 suit leaking via toy images a few months back, it's interesting to see it up close now, but with all of the Guardians of the Galaxy news filtering in of late, it makes sense to be a little less shy about a suit of armor capable of space travel (a major deficiency from previous models, as seen in the first two Iron Man movies).

Though there's more armors to come, fans can currently get a closer look at designs for armors including:

- Mark 17: Artillery Level RT Suit "Heartbreaker"

- Mark 33: Enhanced Energy Suit "Silver Centurion"

- Mark 35: Disaster Rescue Suit "Red Snapper"

- Mark 38: Heavy Lifting Suit "Igor"

- Mark 39: Sub Orbital Suit "Gemini"

- Mark 40: Hyper Velocity Suit "Shotgun"

Fans will see a lot more of the (remote controlled?) armors when they make their onscreen debut in Iron Man 3 on May 3. For now, though, you can take a closer peek at their components below.

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[Via Marvel/IM3]

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