Do you like Iron Man\? I like Iron Man. He's a cool guy and doesn't seem afraid of anything. Especially in the movies. That must be why Hot Toys has committed so much of its bandwidth to continually pumping out new Iron Man figures with such regularity. That and the fact that all of the Iron Man Hot Toys figures sell like pancakes at an all you can eat pancake festival.

While some have merely been repaints of identical builds, the upcoming MK XV armor from Iron Man 3 looks unlike anything we've seen from the company before.

Most of the Iron Man suits called up in the House Party Protocol during the climactic battle of the best Iron Man movie written and directed by Shane Black were either completely normal repaints with abilities we never saw in action or ridiculously over the top monstrosities that would have trouble finding a place in the comics. The MK XV "Sneaky" suit falls in this strange area between the two worlds, being a relatively streamlined armor with some truly strange design choices.

It's a sharp suit, and I mean that quite literally. This this is so angular, you might get cut just looking at it. The "Sneaky" suit's big deal is that it supposedly has cloaking capabilities, which explains why Tony put little to no thought into how it would look when in stand-by mode. You know, because you wouldn't ever see it. Because it's cloaked. Tony's got some weird ideas of what his suits should look like. I guess that's why it took him like 40 tries to settle on a good armor with the MK XLIII. Also, it looks like this thing is wearing bell bottoms, which is certainly another thing I would have a long talk with Tony about.

Now, logistically, I get that he wants to call this thing sneaky, but just because it's cloaked doesn't mean you won't still hear that thing coming. Subtlety isn't Tony's forte, as we've seen time and again in the films. Not seeing him coming is definitely different than not hearing him coming. It's hard to be on the down low when your jet boots give you away miles before you arrive. All that griping about the reality of such a suit of armor being practical aside, Hot Toys has once again done a nice job with this figure. The paint app looks good with all that weathering, but it might have been cool to see some parts rendered in clear plastic to make it look like it was cloaked. It's pretty light on accessories, so one invisible arm wouldn't have been asking too much.

There's no pricing or release date info at the moment but we'll update this when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.


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