Just how many bad guys will Tony Stark be facing in next year's Iron Man 3? Yesterday's round of rumors mentioned a few, with two other recognizable characters having previously been named for the movie. Now we have yet another character making the leap from printed page to big screen... You can scope out new set photos of some version of Iron Patriot after the jump.Shots from the North Carolina set of next year's movie clearly show the armor of Avengers villain Iron Patriot in its full glory, but don't expect the comic book version of the character to be showing up in the Marvel Studios movie; Norman Osborn's movie rights are still held by Sony as part of their Spider-Man deal. Instead, it was James Badge Dale wearing the armor this time around, playing Eric Savin - a character who, in his comic book incarnation, got blown up by a landmine and rebuilt as the cyborg known as Coldblood-7. Apparently, things are a little different, this time around. Who's to say whether Savin's new identity is an Extremis-created one, or something cooked up by the movie's rumored behind-the-scenes big bad, the Mandarin?

Iron Man 3 is released May 3 next year.

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