Last week's "Iron Man 2" set visit by Entertainment Tonight woke the collective comics crowd from its self-imposed hibernation following Comic-Con's IM2 trailer footage, shaking them violently as a reminder that next summer's blockbuster will not be ignored.

Fortunately for the Iron fans who have already shelled out for every armored action figure, there's a new official collectible primed for purchase to keep them distracted until release day - a replica of Tony Stark's personal arc reactor, specifically the original device used to save his life, preserved by Pepper Potts.

As SciFi Squad points out, the prop costs around $150, which is far less than, say, an actual fake arc reactor like the ones used on the "Iron Man" and "Iron Man 2" movie sets. Besides, since functioning arc reactor tech only exists in the dreams of those who are pure of heart, this is fine alternative for the rest of us.

It's chock full of LED lights to make with the glowage, so charge those AA's if you plan on lighting this thing up. Of course, the real Tony Starks among us will likely want to build their own arc reactors for cosplay and the like. Let us know what you figure out, but don't go performing any at-home surgery unless you've got the proper certification.