The premiere of "Iron Man 2" draws nigh for those of us who didn't get special advance screenings (tear), and while reviews have been mixed, we're still hoping for the best. While there's no way to protect your heart from the shrapnel of possible disappointment, you can at least pretend that there's an glowing, blue arc reactor surgically implanted over it, thanks to a t-shirt at Entertainment Earth. [via TR]

In other Iron Man news, "Umbrella Academy" and "Casanova" artist Gabriel Ba posted his own illustration of an armored Tony Stark on his Facebook page today, making us wish such a thing could somehow come to pass. But hey, why not? If Brendan McCarthy can get a Spider-Man book, why not Ba on Iron Man? [via Seen All Over]

Oh, and if you're looking for an Iron Man shirt with a little more design to it, Entertainment Earth has another offering you might enjoy [via Agent M]: