After not so subtly teasing a special variant edition of its new Galaxy S6 Edge for the past week, Samsung has formally unveiled the Iron Man edition of the new smartphone. As part of a brand partnership with Marvel, Samsung has already released a handful of Avengers themed goods like phone cases for the Galaxy S6 and a wireless charger that looks like Captain America's shield. All of those goods however, pale in comparison to a phone designed to put Iron Man right in your pocket. Sort of.

The Iron Man edition of the Galaxy S6 Edge shares its hardware and specs with the standard version, including the 5.1" screen with 1440 x 2560 resolution. It's also got an impressive 577ppi, which trounces the iPhone 6 Plus' 401ppi. You can also count on the dual quad-core processors powering the beast, but you're not interested in what makes this Edge the same; you want to know what makes it different.

Despite RDJ being a pitchman for Samsung rival HTC, that doesn't mean his movie alter ego can't bolster the sales of the Edge by being not the face of the product, but the face on the product. The 64GB phone will come in the familiar red and gold colorway, and judging by the video above, comes pre-loaded with an Iron Man theme, including wallpapers and golden icons. There's also a clear case included, so you can protect the nicely etched Iron Man head on the rear of the phone. Most importantly however, is the wireless charging station shaped to look like the Arc Reactor.

No pricing was announced for the special edition as of yet, but only 1000 of these phones will be made available when they go on sale in Korea.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man Limited Edition will be available for sale in Korea starting on May 27, with China and Hong Kong expected to get it in June. If you want to get your hands on one, your only hope is to import it. As the standard 64GB Galaxy S6 Edge costs $799.99 out of contract, getting one of these Iron Man editions for under $1000 is probably not very likely.