If Iron Man and the Terminator ever teamed up to cut an album, there's a pretty good chance that they'd easily be the second-best cybernetic robot band of all time. Unfortunately, that team-up is pretty unlikely, but on the bright side, we've got the next best thing in Rafter's new music video for "No F---ing Around."

Admittedly, it's not actually Iron Man and the Terminator, but trust us on this one: The quintet of well-dressed, continually frustrated children are somehow even better, especially once the kid with a surprising amount of anger and a mullet puts on Tony stark's signature helmet, starts thrashing on bass and then gets in a chain-fight. Catch the full video -- and a few animated gifs of our favorite moments -- after the jump, but be warned: As you might expect from the title, there's some NSFW language involved.

I can't even begin to list the things that are hilarious about this video, but between the one-armed chin-ups, the sadness over burned toast, and the completely inexplicable dancing grandma, I'm pretty sure this is the best video since "Sabotage."

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