Casual comic book fans don't have enough evidence to decide whether or not Tony Stark is a gifted basketball player, but thanks to his highly sophisticated Iron Man armor, he's got to be capable of the occasional slam dunk. Now, assuming you've got some skills on the b-ball court, you can (almost) literally slip into Stark's shoes and perform some armored alley oops of your own.

The custom shoemakers at Diversitile Custom Clothing have contributed two new sneaker designs to the popular culture geekosphere inspired by Iron Man and his heavily-armed buddy War Machine. Sadly, these shoes aren't equipped to blast repulsor rays or fire off ankle-mounted cannons at your fiercest athletic rivals, but they are capable of lighting up the courts - and we do mean that literally, as pressing down on the shoes' tongues activates a glowing power ala Iron Man's arc reactor.

Both sets of shoes are planned for limited runs, though they aren't up for sale at the moment. Keep tuning into the Diversitile blog for information on how you can purchase these Iron Man shoes.Source: Kotaku

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