Tony Stark and Hugh Grant aren't the likeliest of enemies - they're both very public figures, have a lot of money, enjoy a cocktail or two, sleep with women under unusual circumstances - but maybe ol' Shellhead just doesn't much care for the actor's turn in "Bridget Jones' Diary."

A hilarious video mash-up posted on Gamma Squad pits Iron Man against Grant. The Armored Avenger meets the Hollywood icon in a seedy alleyway - probably not the weirdest alleyway encounter for either party - but what appears to be a normal meet-and-greet results in a serious beat down.

For a minute, I thought this was a leaked scene from "Iron Man 2," which would have been bizarre. Funny, but bizarre. Turns out that some editing wizard inserted Iron Man into "Bridget Jones' Diary," which is just as funny to me, although I guess it wouldn't have been too surprising if Tony Stark had a score to settle against Grant.

Hit the jump for the full clip!

[Source: Gamma Squad]

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