America's favorite pitch man has a new product to sell Marvel: himself. Best known for his charismatic performances as "the Old Spice guy," Isaiah Mustafa wants the House of Ideas to agree that should it seriously develop a film based on Luke Cage, he is the perfect man to step into the role. To what we presume is that end, Mustafa created a short film in which he stars as the Marvel hero, and you can check it out after the jump,Created by John Romita, Sr. and the late, great Archie Goodwin, Luke Cage aka Power Man is one of the more iconic Marvel characters of the 1970s (actor Nicolas Coppola loved the character so much, he changed his surname to Cage) whose look and idiom was retrofitted for the modern age by Brian Michael Bendis in books like Alias and New Avengers. A former gang member and convict, Cage is an unnaturally strong and agile fighter who for a time performed his superhero deeds for profit. He is presently a leading member of the Avengers, husband of Jessica Jones and father of Danielle.

Isaiah Mustafa has made no secret of his desire to portray Luke Cage. He discussed it openly on G4's Attack of the Show and actually appeared as Cage in a segment of Marvel Super Heroes: What The --?!.

It is presently unknown what parties created and/or commissioned Mustafa's Luke Cage film, but it has made its way to the Internet thanks to a YouTube account identified as "ultimatecomicfan," who's posted no other videos. Whatever its origins, we'd like to hear what you think. Is Mustafa Marvel's Luke Cage?

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