Earlier this month, Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa made an appearance on G4's "Attack Of The Show" where he revealed the secrets behind OS' viral campaign and laid out his desire to play Marvel hero Luke Cage. According to Cinema Blend, Mustafa would, in a hypothetical casting session, run into some competition with Tyrese "Mayhem" Gibson and the former Jim Rhodes, Terrence Howard. Judging from Marvel's latest animated "Marvel Super Heroes: What The --?!," however, Mustafa seems to have the endorsement of the House of Ideas with a hilarious starring role as the former Hero for Hire himself.

IMDB is not always an accurate source of information, but if this entry is to be believed, the Luke Cage film is still in the scripting phase with a 2011 release date. Although the entry has Gibson down as portraying Cage, nothing publicly has been confirmed. So for those of you who enjoy Mustafa's work, there might be time for him to claim the role.

See if you think Mustafa's got what it takes below:

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