Here at ComicsAlliance, we pride ourselves on our strict adherence to the principles of journalistic integrity, and as comics readers, we have learned those principles from one man:

"Daily Bugle" publisher (and noted yoga instructor) J. Jonah Jameson. We've been studying his work for years, and we've learned indispensable lessons about objectivity (don't let it get in the way of your story), proper workplace communication (yelling into an intercom), and the importance of getting a desks sturdy enough to hold up to being pounded for a good six hours out of every work day. But now, all of these lessons and more have been compiled into one ten-minute YouTube video featuring JJJ's best moments form the 1960s "Spider-Man" cartoon, so if you want to learn a little something about running a major metropolitan newspaper, pay attention.

There are a lot of videos of JJJ out there, including one that shows him as the relentless and effective newshound he is, but getting them all in place like the one above is like taking a concentrate dose of enlightenment directly into your brain. There's something to learn in virtually every scene, like the fact that Spider-Man has no head, having proof in your news story is for suckers, building wobbly murderbot isn't always the best solution, and the key to success in print media is wearing what appear to be Santa Claus themed pajamas. What sticks out most of all, however, are three very important lessons:

1. Never, ever say you're sorry.

2. You can't trust a teenager to do a job (he's probably goofing off).

3. We need pictures -- pictures of Spider-Man.

Those aren't just things that can apply to journalism; those are lessons for life.

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