I really loved LEGO Batman and the sequel that brought in the rest of the DC Universe, so I've been looking forward to their take on the Marvel superheroes since the game was announced. Now, as we draw ever closer to the game's release this fall, we're getting a few more details about the plot and story of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes with a video that introduces you to the villains of the story. Dr. Doom, Hydra, Arnim Friggin' Zola, and, biggest and baddest of all, Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds.

Okay, yes, this is the least surprising surprise reveal in history (and one that's pretty easy to recreate with real-life LEGO sets just by wearing a purple hat and stomping around the house), but it's still pretty awesome. Check out the video and a few new screenshots below!

If you are not excited about the possibility of playing this game as a weird mad scientist with a camera for a face and a face for a stomach, then folks, I don't know what to tell you.




But maybe these other new character reveals will excite you instead. J. Jonah Jameson!




And, Ghost Rider, a carny possessed by a demon from hell who sets his head on fire and punishes sinners with the weight of all their transgressions:




You know, for the children. Like Wu Tang.

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