Last year, Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat was kidnapped and assaulted by pro-government forces for satirizing those in power, leaving the human rights advocate with broken hands as "a warning" against continuing his work. An inspirational new video shows that, thankfully, he didn't listen.The eleven minute video from Samar Media features Ferzat talking about his work, his assault ("Two of them were here, each one came close to one of my hands," he says, "One of them told the other: 'Break his hands so that he stops drawing about Bachar [Al-Assad, Syrian President], and the presidents, and his masters. He must learn.'" There's something so chilling about that, especially the "his masters") and the impact both have had upon the world and himself: "From the East to the West, North to the South, the whole world covered my story. It is true that it was hard but it was very moving and honoring to know that art can still have such an impact and send a message to the heart of the people," he explains.

There's no way to watch this and not feel humbled by his dignity and humanity. It's a truly outstanding video, and a must-watch.

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