Halloween: Sean Fallon's TARDIS jack-o'-lantern should light up Doctor Who fans' respective days. [Neatorama]

Movies: It remains to be seen how The Adventures of Tintin will do in North America, but European fans seem to be digging (or at least paying to see) the motion capture animated film so far. [THR]

Creators: Ali Ferzat, the Syrian cartoonist who was kidnapped, intimidated, beaten and left in ditch with broken hands by Syrian security forces, was awarded the European parliament's Sakharov prize last week. Ferzat dedicated the award to all martyrs of freedom. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Webcomics: Beartato, the cuddliest cast member of Anthony Clark's Nedroid, has joined T-Rex as a new Squishies stuffed animal. I...I must have one. [TopatoCo]

Movies: Joseph Gordon-Levitt pops up in new The Dark Knight Rises photos, fans continue to ponder who he's supposed to be in the movie. [The Superficial]

Gaming: Gotham City Impostors demonstrates more of its character customization options. [GCI]

Merchandise: The Hello Kitty/One Piece mashup machine is already producing at peak capacity, with tons more on the way. [ANN]

Apropos of Nothing: It's been out for a bit, but it's worth noting that the Red Hood seems to have... relaxed... between solicitation and publication of Red Hood and the Outlaws #2.

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