Gotham City Impostors

‘Gotham City Impostors’ Goes Steampunk in Upcoming DLC [Video]
Though Gotham City Impostors has already delivered a series of themed costumes (including cowboy and ninja wear), the game's upcoming "Steamy Punk" paid DLC will likely be the one that most resonates with the cosplay crowd. In addition to adorning the games Bats and Jokers gangs with gear like top hats, goggles, handlebar mustaches and leather straps aplenty, the DLC will give players ac
Link Ink: The ‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special,’ a Custom Figure Kit and Rodeo Clowns
Animation: TV Guide has a new look at the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special featuring the Super Friends. Cartooning: Richard Sandomir at The New York Times looks at the decline of sports cartooning as traditional media evolves. TV: SyFy will begin airing Toy Traveler, a show that follows toy collector Shane Turgeon around the world as he searches for rare and unique toys, in 2013... Read

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