Gotham City Impostors lead game designer Craig Hubbard gave us a taste of what was to come in the Batman-inspired multiplayer shooter last week, but a more full video trailer from Monolith reveals more fun facts about the game's upcoming free DLC -- namely, there's a new map, lots of new costume options and new weapons. Coming in March, battles can soon be fought on "The 25th Floor," a grotesque-studded skyscraper in the middle of Gotham. Bats and Jokerz will also have access to new "business," "ninja" and "luchador" themed looks. These looks come with two new corresponding weapons known as The Kingmaker (a quick-draw pistol) and The Falcon Sword (a katana that can deflect bullets), both with their own upgrade options. To top all the new content off, players will soon be able to join matches in progress, meaning potentially shorter load times could be in your future. Check out the trailer for the upcoming free Gotham City Impostors DLC after the cut.

[Via GCI]

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