Novelty: Sometime CA contributor Dean Trippe is currently selling "Our Super Family" vinyl stickers at his Etsy shop. [Robot6]

Nature: Mysterious radioactive webs, potentially created by a mutant spider, were discovered in a U.S nuclear waste facility last month. Organic web-shooters, amirite? [The Daily Caroonist]

Online: Stan Lee has an official new website, which mostly just promotes his persona his Pow! work. [TheRealStanLee]

Cosplay: Batmen and Jokerz run around some city streets as part of a publicity stunt promoting Gotham City Impostors. [Kotaku]

Movies: The Amazing Spider-Man's "Mark of the Spider-Man" viral site is... kind of just there... for now. [Markofthespiderman]

Movies: The latest clip from Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance involves an enormous machine getting blown up. Seems about right. [Yahoo]

Digital: Aspen Comics titles are now available on the Nook and Nook color via Graphicly. [B&N]

Upcoming: Mark Millar and Curtis Tiegs are doing a series of superhero children's books called Kindergarten Heroes. [CBR]

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