Though Gotham City Impostors has already delivered a series of themed costumes (including cowboy and ninja wear), the game's upcoming "Steamy Punk" paid DLC will likely be the one that most resonates with the cosplay crowd. In addition to adorning the games Bats and Jokers gangs with gear like top hats, goggles, handlebar mustaches and leather straps aplenty, the DLC will give players access to new a accessory, weapon and mascot. A steam-powered jetpack and a Tesla Gun-like "Witch Doctor" weapon will grant players short bursts of flight and electric blasts, respectively. On the mascot side, players will score access to a Scarecrow-themed mascot called "Stitches." Rounding out the experience are new voice and paint job add-ons, which will probably totally annoy opponents who aren't as enthusiastic about Victorian-era sensibilities. You can check out the full trailer teasing Gotham City Impostor's upcoming Steamy Punk paid DLC after the cut.

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