Labor Day: It's Labor Day today in America, which means it's a good time to take it easy and pout about the end of summer. Or maybe clean off your desk?

Gaming: It looks like Gotham City Impostors will soon be free-to-play on Steam. [Joystiq]

Conventions: New York Comic Con has released its first official poster for this year's October 11-14 show. It's very Marvel NOW. [NYCC]
Kitchen: Spider-Man and the Green Goblin duke it out on these ceramic salt and pepper shakers. [Neatorama]

Art: Capcom Japan artist Shinkiro reimagines the North American box art for Mega Man 2 for an awesome Marvel vs. Capcom Origins poster. [MvC3]

Gaming: The latest trailer for the American version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors recreates the first battle between Zoro and Mihawk. [ANN]

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