Animation: TV Guide has a new look at the upcoming Robot Chicken DC Comics Special featuring the Super Friends. [TV Guide]

Cartooning: Richard Sandomir at The New York Times looks at the decline of sports cartooning as traditional media evolves. [The Daily Cartoonist]

TV: SyFy will begin airing Toy Traveler, a show that follows toy collector Shane Turgeon around the world as he searches for rare and unique toys, in 2013. [TNI]

Gaming: Captain America's look from The Avengers movie is now available in Super Hero Squad Online. [Hero Up]

Toys: Emce Toys' new superhero action figure customization kit equips users with three basic male figures to craft into shape. [BBTS]

Gaming: The paid DLC "Rodeo Pirate Pack" will arrive on Xbox 360 this week for Gotham City Impostors. As its name suggests, it will include cowboy and pirate costumes, along with a new weapon and more. [Kotaku]

Toys: Hot Toys will release 1/6 scale figures of Metal Gear Solid 3's Naked Snake and The Boss toward the end of 2012. [Hot Toys]

Video: If you like Operation, you'll love Kodykoala's custom Guts Man spin on the game. I guess if you win Mega Man gets to take his Super Arm? [Destructoid]

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