Movies: New images from The Amazing Spider-Man see Andrew Garfield rocking a Ramones shirt as Peter Parker, plus Emma Stone not rocking a Ramones shirt as Gwen Stacy. [MTV]

Creators: Syrian cartoonist Ali Ferzat plans to return to cartooning in his native country as soon as he's fully healed from the allegedly government-sponsored beating that left his hands crushed last year. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Gaming: Some enterprising fans have cracked the code to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's ancient Hylian text. [Kotaku]

Furniture: Tom Spina Designs' prop-stocked custom The Avengers desk commissioned for Mark Hall is fit for Nick Fury. [Gizmodo]

Movies: The new Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance TV spot is heavy on action and light on potty humor. [SHH]

Toys: Hot Toys has a Captain America: The First Avenger version of the Red Skull in the works. But will his cosmic cube/tesseract light up? [Marvelousnews]

Video: Much as I've come to love Digimon, Dorkly nails what was likely many of our reactions to the franchise circa 1999, when Pokémon was still the very best, like nothing ever was. [Dorkly]

Movies: New rear box art from the upcoming Justice League: Doom animated feature shows off the film's superhero/villain stars. [Comics Continuum]

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