Best known for reenacting celebrity gossip in comically bizarre videos that look ripped straight out of The Sims, the Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation recently responded to the horrendous assault on Ali Ferzat, a renowned Syrian cartoonist who was beaten and had both of his hands broken in retribution for drawing cartoons critical of Bashar al-Assad.

As their unusually restrained and tasteful animation explains, the assault on Ferzat produced an unintended Streisand Effect when artists the world over rallied to his defense and created their own cartoons ruthlessly criticizing al-Assad; rather than being silenced by the attack, Ferzat's message has spread even wider than before. Our feelings are perhaps best summed up by this slightly NSFW cartoon drawn by a supporter, which was erroneously credited to Ferzat in some reports, but nonetheless remains an inspiring symbol of defiance in the face of tyranny and the solidarity that everyone who believes in free speech needs to demonstrate if we would have it for ourselves. We are all Ali Ferzat.