You'd think that after all this time, Taiwan's NMA and their dodgy, computer-animated recaps of top news stories would have stopped being hilarious. And yet, here we are, with yet another truly surreal take on the news of the day. And this time, it's about Superman.

Specifically, they're covering the news that Clark Kent is walking out of his job at the Daily Planet for the third or fourth first time ever, and speculating on what that means for the Man of Steel's career options. Will he take to blogging in a Starbucks, or just sit around getting high with Wonder Woman until Lois Lane finally kicks him out? Find out in the video after the cut!

The turnaround time on NMA's news updates has always been pretty staggering, but with this one in particular, I've got assume that they just have people working tirelessly to create setups that can easily be plugged into any situation. I mean really, think of any story about Superman that's been featured in mass media over the past few years, and you can probably think of some way to plug "slightly off-model Superman eats a lot of pizza and takes a bong hit" into it somehow.

It's nice to know that he still has his trunks, though.

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