As regular readers of James Kochalka's "American Elf" bio strip are well aware, the prolific creator's passion for comics is only equaled by his passion for video games. Now, thanks to a team up with video game studio Pixeljam, Kochalka's "Glorkian Warrior" could come to life via both mediums. All the duo needs now is the $10,000 capitol to make it happen.

To raise the funds, Kochalka and Pixeljam are reaching out to fans. All who donate a $10 minimum will receive a copy of the game upon its completion and a place in the game's credits. Those who donate at higher benchmarks are up for everything from a painting by Kochalka to a customized role in the game itself.

Kochalka fans may already have some idea of the game's potential - especially if they've played any of Pixeljam's titles (including my personal favorite, Adult Swim's "Cream Wolf") or even Kochalka's own "American Elf" Super Mario Bros. rom.

For the full skinny on how to donate, a look at the first Glorkian comic, game concept art and an animated video starring Kochalka and the Pixeljam team check out the "Glorkian Warrior's Kickstarter site.

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