The mind (and pen) behind the Web comic diary "American Elf" cannot be fenced by the boundaries of words and pictures - or anything else for that matter.

"I can do anything I want, because my name is James Kochalka," sings the artist on "Robot Shark," the new James Kochalka Superstar single from the band's new album "Digital Elf."

The song is pretty convincing, especially given its unorthodox tones. Kochalka's vocals act in equally percussive and melodic roles, with clear lyrics that set aside superfluous prettiness for the sake of storytelling - which in some ways mirrors his approach in "American Elf."

Rock and roll is old hat for Kochalka, having released nine other albums, achieving mainstream success with his music featured as the theme music for Fox's 2006 sitcom "The Loop" and Nickelodeon's stop-motion action figure adventure "KaBlam!" What "Digital Elf" does establish is Kochalka's ability to groove on Gameboy. Each of the new albums 15 tracks were composed by Kochalka on a Gameboy Advance using Nanoloop software.

Those with curious ears can experience a sample of Kochalka's digital elfing here, or go straight to emptying their wallets here.

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