With its reputation as a manga and anime metropolis (and Kaiju hub), Otaku don't need much convincing to trip out to Tokyo. For those requiring extra incentive, however, the Japan National Tourism Organization has put together a special map and poster designed to appeal to fans of Gainax's "Neon Genesis Evangelion."

According to Anime News Network, JNTO has produced a tourism map marking locations of interest from "Evangelion's" Tokyo-3, an alternate version of the present-day prefecture where the bulk of the series takes place.

A poster featuring character Rei Ayanami (sans Unit 00) also calls fans to action, inviting them to behold the majesty of Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji up close.

Personally, there's not a lot about the "Evangelion" universe that would entice a visit from me. Sure, a few emotionally damaged kids get to fight angels, but the average citizen of Tokyo-3 spends their days cowering beneath concrete as their city transforms Fortress Maximus-style to protect them from non-nuclear bomb blasts and monster laser eyes.

Or perhaps the latest incarnation of the series has sprinkled in some sunnier moments? I haven't caught "Evangelion 2.0" yet, so it's entirely possible Tokyo-3 is a veritable tourist trap now.