Bryan Lee O'Malley feasted heavily upon manga's visual language and style when he invented Scott Pilgrim, but Japanese fans seem to have been paying tribute right back at him recently. O'Malley himself sent out a link awhile back that directed his Twitter followers to a gallery of Japanese fan art, and boy does some of it look good enough to be the real thing.Broken hearts, girls in short shorts and some fierce posing with a fiery sword make up the collection of contributions posted on O'Malley probably said it better than we ever could with his assessment: "omgawwwd."

These fans know how to get it done. Once someone finally creates a full-length Japanese Scott Pilgrim homage graphic novel, things will really come full circle. But until that actually happens, you'll just have to amuse yourself with these lovely sketches. And dig the watercolors in the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World poster.

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