Boomerang network junkies might want to prepare for a trip to the toy store (or online equivalent, anyway). The first line of Hanna-Barbera action figures from Jazwares has begun trickling into retailers, with plenty more characters expected to arrive in October. The first wave includes Space Ghost with Blip, Huckleberry Hound, and Hong Kong Phooey with Spot. The second and third waves will continue the animated rampage with Rosie from The Jetsons, Fred Flintstone and a standalone figure of his pet Dino. Yogi Bear will also get his own picnic-basket stealing figure, with Tom and Jerry each getting individually immortalized in articulated plastic as well. There'll also be a Captain Caveman & Secret Squirrel figure set in October, although images haven't quite surfaced yet. The new Space Ghost figure should be exciting for fans desiring a touch more articulation than Toycom's previous take on the character (although this figure is the classic version of the character and therefore suitably lacks SG's Coast to Coast talk show hosting accessories). You can take a closer look at Jazwares' Hanna-Barbera action figures after the cut.

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