If you got a chance to check out the list of 2011 Harvey Award nominations, you may have noticed the name Jenny Frison there alongside Darwyn Cooke, Mike Mignola and Frank Quitely in the "Best Cover Artist" category. Given how stunning her Angel covers and other work have been lately, this honor should come as no surprise to anyone. If you weren't aware of her before, though, you should swing your eyes and mouse clicks over to her website right nowish.
Frison's appropriately named online home at JennyFrison.com hosts a gallery of her past cover and pin-up creations. Her Angel and Spike covers are all gorgeous, of course, and show off her knack for painting emotion and simple scene-setting into softly colored pieces in the spirit of James Jean and Phil Noto.

Have a glance at her Wonder Woman and Psylocke and you'll understand. The Harvey noms list is crowded with cover art talent this year, but Frison's been doing some of the finest work of her career lately, so it'll be fun to see how things shake out for her.