If you don't already know who Jim Mahfood is, close your other windows and sit down for a few minutes because he's not just one of the hottest creators working in comics, he's also one of the industry's elite muralists and live art show participants. He's a bit like Bill Siekiewicz and Chris Bachalo in that there are a lot of other artists out there trying to do what he does with ugly, unfocused, horrendous results, but there's no mistaking his Red Sonja or Supergirl for anyone else's work. And they are both knockouts.
Mahfood keeps track of his projects, sketches, prints and cars (!) on his Food One blog, which you should definitely be following. Seriously, just feast your eyes on his message from Animal to the drum lovers of the world.

He draws a darn cute pug, too, which as we all know is the mark of true greatness.

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